People are quitting their jobs to do Play to Earn Games. Is this the future closer than you think?

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It’s common to hear, people are quitting their jobs to start their own businesses, change careers, and find alternative main income streams. What if I told you that some people are focused on playing gaming and getting paid for it. I am not talking about streaming on Twitch or becoming a professional eSports player.

This is all due to the introduction and the application of blockchain technology to gaming and the idealistic goals of creating a Web 3.0 where everyone can benefit – NOT just the very top 1% and big companies. Buzzwords, like cryptocurrency, NFT, Play-to-Earn, have popped on mainstream media. There have been protractors, even in the video game industry but they could not deny the continuous growth in popularity and large investment being poured into this burgeoning industry.

Game developers have implemented NFTs and Crypto into their game design and economics, allowing players to earn from gameplay through farming resources, acquiring rare loot, and exchanging it for actual cash.

Some of the popular Play-to-Earn games have changed the lives of their players. A creature battler game called, Axis Infinity has positively impacted some of its players. One player from the Philippines was just an ordinary student who played the game and was able to purchase his two homes from his hobby. There are many more similar stories where people are making legitimate paydays and some rare cases become millionaires.

For Axis Infinity, the Philipines has one of their largest active players. A survey done in the country indicated that over 30% would quit their job to make a living through gaming. Considering an average monthly salary is less than $600, some have reported earning $100 and more from playing daily. 

This is not just in Asia, NBA Topshot players and famous athletes have been investing in this card collection game. The Sandbox, a Roblox-like metaverse experience already has sold over 100 millionaires in digital land. Tech giant, Facebook have changed their name and restructured their entire organization in preparation for the metaverse.

The feverish rise of blockchain in our daily lives has taken off and many have already joined the revolution. Some are still straggling to the old ways but more data have pointed towards new ways to earn and have financial freedom from the dogmatic institution of the past.