Verse Warriors

Verse Warriors is a collection of 3000 NFT warriors from 3 unique factions all with their own unique look, starting location and advantages. The factions are locked into an eternal battle for dominance.   Each Verse Warrior will be able to participate in an online war known as the Verse War that will be played through our website.    Each faction is at war with one and another for dominance.   Each faction has its own unique starting location where […]


One Percent Club NFT

One Percent Club is an NFT artwork collection based on some of the wealthiest personalities in the entire world. One percent of the world owns 60 percent of global household wealth. We want to balance this unlawful distribution by offering each of our holders an added value. By purchasing our NFT, you have access to several benefits, coin airdrops and to other upcoming projects such as our virtual-casino or further facilities in the Metaverse. We will give you the chance […]



📢 ABOUT CRYPT DEL ART NFT CryptDelArt is a decentralized fashion and art project that gives hodlers the opportunity to be a part of the fashion industry. The goal of this project is to bring art closer to reality through storytelling and using our 4100 NFT collection. ——————————————— Here are some of the reasons why you should be bullish on Cryptdelart NFT project . ⭐️ Quality ⭐️ ——————————————— This is not like another NFT project. Our NFT is designed detail […]


Poolboys Metatourism NFT

Metatourism is a concept we are developing to bridge the gap between different metaverses. Token holders will be able to use the interactive 3D portal on our website to access new community spaces.