Star Atlas Could be the First Big-Budget Sci-Fi Metaverse Game

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What is Star Atlas?

If the drama found in EVE Online is any indication there is potential for Star Atlas as a space exploration game utilizing blockchain technology. Using the visual prowess of Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite, Star Atlas aims to create a living world of space travel, economic systems, and real-time action contested by three major in-game regional factions: The MUD Territory, The ONI Region, and the Ustur Sector. 

The gameplay genre is listed to eventually include exploration, grand strategy, role-playing, and space-flight simulation. VR features are reported to be included though the game’s target platforms have yet to be revealed. One can assume that the core game will be playable on PC with ship flight or first-person exploration through an attached VR headset. Economic interactions or mini-games will likely be playable in a browser or on a mobile device. The game is set to use the Solana blockchain for the creation of NFTs items (mainly unique ships) with two currencies revealed so far as ATLAS and POLIS. DeFi is planned to be directly integrated into the game’s interface through Serum. 

Much of Star Atlas’ development goals can be found on the official website, including a document of more than 40 pages that details the intended process. The game has also seen an impressive trailer that gives off Mass Effect or EVE Online vibes but there has yet to be any complete gameplay shown, which is something that has been criticized. As with any project in blockchain, always consider the risks when investing. An official release date has yet to be shared but early adopters have been participating in pre-sales and faction organization through a browser mini-game called SCORE (Ship Commissions on Remote Expeditions) with more mini-games planned to keep players engaged while waiting for the full release.

 A Breakdown of Star Atlas Currencies

There are two currencies being utilized to create the economic structure of Star Atlas. 

ATLAS is an in-game currency that allows players to acquire digital assets such as ships, crews, components, land, and equipment. Players will have to consider the Atlas cost for their mining personnel, fuel for space travel, and repairs for damages. Atlas will also be used as the predominant way to buy NFTs in Star Atlas. Early adopters will be able to pick up ATLAS through what’s called the GAO or Galactic Asset Offering. Once the game has been fully launched Atlas can only be earned through in-game activity or through sales with other players. 

POLIS is the token that will connect Star Atlas to the real-world economy. Polis is described in official resources as a multifunctional governance token that will affect both in-game and out of game policy. Holders of Polis will supposedly be able to have a unique position of jurisdictional ownership over entire regions of space, regardless of who owns the various land NFT titles and equipment rights. Outside of the game, Polis owners will be able to influence development decisions for the future of Star Atlas. 

Source: Star Atlas Official Website

How to Become an Early Adopter of Star Atlas

The primary way to currently interact with the world of Star Atlas is through the SCORE mini-game that is playable in most web browsers. For the most part, this is merely an interface that allows players to stake their ship NFTs to earn Atlas APR. This quick guide will provide information on how to pick a faction and buy a ship.

  1. Purchase SOL using a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is available in your country. (example. Coinbase, Binance)
  2. Download and install a Chrome browser plugin called Phantom.  You can either create a new wallet or use a secret recovery phrase to restore your wallet.
  3. Once setup is finished, copy your Phantom wallet address. In the cryptocurrency exchange platform, send SOL to your Phantom wallet. Make sure to double-check the wallet address before the transaction. It might take a few minutes to receive SOL in your wallet.
  4. Go to in order to transfer SOL to ATLAS.  Click on “Launch App” and connect your Phantom wallet. Make sure you have selected the right token.
  5. Don’t swap max balance of SOL to ATLAS. You will need some SOL for a transaction or gas fee.
  6.  Now we have ATLAS, go to Connect your Phantom wallet and click on “Marketplace”.
  7. Under “Ship”, click on the ship you would like to purchase.  Choose the quantity and check the price in ATLAS. Click on “Buy Now”. 
  8. Go to “Inventory” to claim the ship you purchased. You will be able to see your ship in the Phantom wallet.
  9. Next, Click on “Choose Faction” to choose your faction. There are three options available which are MUD Territory, Ustur Sector and ONI Region.
  10. Now we can send our ships out. Click on “Faction Fleet” and Click on “Ship Enlistment”.  If you don’t see anything, make sure to check step 7-8.
  11. Click on “Enlist Ship”. There will be a list of resources that we need in order to send your ship out.
  12. Go to “Marketplace” and click on “Resources”. Purchase the resources you need from step 11. Next, head over to “Inventory” and we need to claim it all because those are all NFTs.
  13. Once you claim all the resources, go to “Faction Fleet” and click on “Enlist Ship”. Click on “Enlist Fleet”. 
  14. You can now check how many ATLAS you will receive daily. Please note that your fleet will be paused on enlistment if you are running out of resources.

Additional Information

For more information about Star Atlas, check out their official community and social media channels.

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