The 10 Best NFT Analytics Tools to Boost Your NFT Portfolio

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NFTs could be an excellent way for people who want to get into the crypto world. For those interested in games, entertainment, and making money, NFTs could be the perfect option. In addition, they offer a way to participate in crypto without putting too much money down upfront.

NFT traders make a profit because they have a lot of professional knowledge about NFT’s work and what drives their value. They also have access to the right tools to make successful trades.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best NFT analytics tools so that you can make informed decisions about your NFT purchases.

  1. Cryptoslam

CryptoSlam is a data aggregator for all things NFT, recognized by business tycoon Mark Cuban. When collecting and trading NFTs, their tools can help you achieve greater efficiency by keeping track of market activity and prices. Cryptoslam’s project database is updated regularly, so you can always refer back to it to see how the market is moving.

  1. Dune Analytics

This free NFT analytics tool is great for those who don’t have a lot of technical knowledge. You need to input what you want to track, and the tool will do the rest.

You can also customize other people’s dashboards to suit your needs better. For example, the Interactive NFT Floor Tracker dashboard makes it easy to set up and track the floor prices of your favorite projects.

  1. Nansen 

Nansen is a data analytics platform that offers users premium market analytics, smart transaction history, key metrics on wallet addresses and more.

With Nansen, you can get detailed insights into the activity and direction of the market. This platform is also great for collectors who want to know which NFTs are rare and which ones to watch out for.

  1. Icy tools

Icy Tools is a great way to learn about and analyze data on NFTs. It has a fast data analytics interface that reports real-time changes in floor price, sales, and volume data.

Icy Tools is a cheaper alternative for collectors and traders who can’t afford Nansen. If you find Icy Tools useful, you can buy an ICY Founders Club NFT for lifetime access.

  1. Uniq

It can be hard to know which one to choose in a market full of products that all seem to do the same thing. Uniq is a free tool that provides users with interesting statistics and data points that can help them decide when to enter or exit a position.

While other tools might charge a fee or not have all of the same features, this one is free and provides valuable information that can be used to make informed decisions.


Spr3adsh33t, the developer of bot and BAYC holder, is the one behind this project that uses Discord bots to deliver analytics to NFT collectors and traders.

Discord bots can offer a lot of power, and for those NFT traders who spend most of their time in Discord, it’s very convenient to access analytics right within the app. 

  1. Compass Art

Compass is a tool that allows users to get live access to wallets and minted tokens. As a result, you can see how top NFT investors are making their next move and learn valuable techniques for investing in an ideal project.

  1. Nonfungible

The market history feature on this site is handy to quickly grasp what has been happening in the NFT space during the past week.

We can see the top sales, volume trends, and which projects are faring the best. This gives us valuable insights that help us make better decisions about our investing strategy.

  1. NFTstats

NFT Stats is a user-friendly platform that gives you the data and insights you need with a simple, straightforward interface. If you’re a beginner collector looking to invest in a particular project, NFT Stats is a great tool to help you decide.

In addition, NFT Stats can provide visuals that represent data trends like floor price average per month, making it easier for you to analyze the information.

  1. Moby

Mobys NFT minting insights offer real-time data that allows users to make informed decisions about their projects. The Moby team also provides a wallet watch list that keeps track of prices and trends.