Ready Player Dao has raised $10.2 million at $150 million valuation

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Ready Player Dao has raised $10.2 million at $150 million valuation. Ready Player DAO (RPD) is a decentralized autonomous organization investing in the future of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming.

The Investment round was led by The Chernin Group, with participation from Hashed, 1kx, ConsenSys Mesh, Fourth Revolution Capital, Koji Capital, SterlingVC, and a host of influential angel investors.

Ready Player Dao will use this fundraising opportunity to invest in emerging web3 gaming projects, expand its community through guild, scholarship, and e-sport teams, and provide educational and on-boarding opportunities for the next generation of play-to-earn gamers.

Jonathan Moore of The Chernin Group said “Digital ownership of your gaming assets will revolutionize the way players engage with platforms,” “As these new primitives take shape, it’s important to have partners that focus on enabling more players to participate in these ecosystems. TCG is excited to join RPD and support its mission of bringing web3 gaming to the masses.”

Ready Player Dao business model rests on three pillars:

  • Deployment. It lends that fleet to players that can’t afford them and then splits their earnings. RPD typically lets players keep 70% of whatever they find.
  • Content creation. This can be its own revenue center but it also helps build its community, which makes it a powerful ally for new game platforms it invests in. Content includes everything from blogging about how to participate, running tournaments or sponsoring gaming teams.
  • Investment. “Games are looking to bring us to the cap table pretty early on so we can bring our community as well,” Cabrera said. RPD has over 10,000 gamers in its community, many of whom are eager to beta-test a new game.

Ready Player Dao is already splitting earnings with more than 3,000 gamers playing Axie InfinityGeno PetsPegaxy and other games.