L’Oreal Owned NYX Makeup Enters The Sandbox Metaverse

NYX, a cosmetics subsidiary of L’Oréal, is collaborating with The Sandbox metaverse and People of Crypto (POC), a blockchain lab seeking to increase diversity in Web3.

The partnership will launch an avatar collection with traits such as various color shades, ethnicities, sexual orientation, and gender identification, as well as various makeup looks.

It appears to be an ideal opportunity for NYX to enter the metaverse.

NYX’s Metaverse Sandbox Objectives

In the form of digital NFT avatars, the Web3 initiative will include a uniquely diverse expression of “marginalized” communities. The label believes that launching this project will help consumers express themselves more freely. Furthermore, NYX will be the first cosmetics brand to integrate into The Sandbox, emphasizing that makeup is genderless.

Even though the collection aims to represent various minorities, it is a celebration of Pride Month. In total, 8,430 avatars will be created and sold in The Sandbox’s metaverse, which will also host a special “Belonging Week” event to educate users on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The NFT avatars will come in a variety of skin tones, with every ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender identification.

The collection will be available on June 17th and will include voxelized makeup looks for each of the Pride flag groups. NYX also stated that all proceeds from the sale of the avatar NFTs would be donated to the Los Angeles LGBT Center.Web 3 projects are attracting a growing number of fashion brands. Recently, Gap launched a virtual, purchase-free experience in the Roblox virtual gaming environment