Meet The World’s First Metaverse Rock Band – Meta Daisies

The metaverse, like the internet 30 years ago, now allows artists to share their world with a global audience. The Meta Daisies team took advantage of the opportunity, ushering in a massive revolution in the music industry.

The primary focus of The Meta Daisies is to continue in The Dead Daisies’ footsteps

Meta Daisies is set to make its metaverse debut with a new single “Radiance”. The team is made up of former members of Deep Purple, Dio, Whitesnake, and Foreigner. 

The Meta Daisies Band Has a lot to offer

To begin, Meta Daisies has teamed up with leading NFT, web 3.0, and metaverse experts. The new band was created by Altergaze (HoverGrease) and Dimoso (Harry Potter, Roblox, Marvel, Angry Birds), in collaboration with expert consultants Thomas Lee (Madison Beers avatar, Final Fantasy IX) and Kelly Vero (Tomb Raider, Transformers).

The band has released a “meta-cinematic” trailer which gives a glimpse into their metaverse home “Daisyland” as well as the new single “Radiance”.

From June 9th to June 16th, the popular metaverse platform, which is used by millions around the world, will host a listening party where fans can get together and rock out to the band with the possibility of meeting Daisy herself.

Lastly, The Meta Daisies’ radiance is only the beginning. Their mission is to travel the metaverse’s new, previously uncharted lands to show the universe that rock is still alive and well. Fans can visit Avakin Life and party at Daisy’s underworld nightclub to get a taste of Daisyland for themselves.