Meta (Facebook) is taking almost 50% of sales from creators! People are pissed.

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Meta is developing a web version of Horizon Worlds | TechCrunch
Horizon Worlds is a virtual reality metaverse product created by Meta

Last year, Facebook made a huge announcement about its participation into create the metaverse and rebranding its company to Meta. This drummed up a huge interest in blockchain projects with a copious amount of investments and increase value and sales of NFTs. 

Horizon Worlds, previously known as Facebook Horizon, is a virtual reality, online game platform with tools that allows users to creator different interactive experience and assets in the product. Think Roblox but with VR. It was launched on December 9, 2021 in U.S. and Canada for 18 year old and older with an invite-only beta.

Facebook is testing how users are able to use its service to sell in-app products in Horizon Worlds. This will users to sell items in-game like cosmetics and other items and game/experiences. 

In an ironic fashion, Facebook’s chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg had criticized Apple for charging 30% of the platform fee, but in a recent test, Facebook is taking almost half of the creator’s sales. This obvious has outraged many creators.

Meta (FB) rebranding came during a time when the company was facing many challenges and controversies; leaks of promoting negative feeds, suppressing specific groups, and so on.

The Facebook platform has been in decline for a couple of years and since 2019, it has affected the company’s bottom line. Another factor hurting Facebook’s position is TikTok, which it sees as the main competitor. Younger users are joining TikTok while other demographics are on Facebook.