NHL Slowly Joining NFT World

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Lipsweater is a Montreal web3 startup hoping to integrate hockey into the metaverse as hockey fandom is growing.  Thomas Sychterz, who was a NCAA goaltender with Princeton University, is now CEO of Lipsweater and will be selling NFT with hockey themes.  He also has a goal to own a NHL franchise in the future.  As of right now, they will be running a junior A hockey team through their NFT community.

Lipsweater drew attention to a group of 35 retired and current NHL players, including Nashville Predators player Alexandre Carrier, Blue Jackets player Eric Robinson, and retired player Andre Benoit.  

According to Lipsweater, “the long-term objective for the Lipsweater NFT community is to work up the ranks to become part-owners of an NHL team.”

The NHL started to show interest toward the NFT world, with Matthew Tkachuk becoming the first NHL player to release his own NFT and the sale of those NFTs benefit St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.  Not only Auston Matthews and Alex Ovechkin quickly followed him, but also Wayne Gretzky.  

In the past, NHL franchises counting the Montreal Canadiens and Seattle Kraken started to offer their NFT.


The NBA showed massive interest in collectible NFTs and launched an NFT marketplace known as NBA Top Shots.  The type of NFT they offer include “moments,” which are officially licensed NBA collectibles that celebrate the game’s epic highlights from the most incredible basketball starts according to NBA Top Shots official website.

Lipsweater is trying to bridge a NFT community with a physical hockey club which other NFT companies couldn’t have done.  NFT holders would appreciate more with this type of offer by purchasing an NFT from Lipsweater.  

In order to accomplish this, the CEO of Lipsweatre bought a stake in Plattsville Lakers which is a junior ice hockey team that joined the Greater Metro Junior A Hockey league in 2015.  Lipsweater NFT community will engage in managing the hockey team as a first HockeyDAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Jeff Zehr, a Canadian professional ice hockey player who was drafted 31st overall by the New York Islanders, will have Lipsweater as a the ownership group of the Pattsville Lakers.

Jeff Zehr said, “I’ve followed the NFT space for a while and I’m excited to extend our community by partnering with Lipsweater and the thousands of hockey fans around the globe.”  “Sharing the adventure of managing a Junior A hockey team is revolutionary in the hockey space, and I’m proud that our Lakers will be paving the way.”


The HockeyDAO will offer the ability to submit ideas and vote on action taken by the hockey club to NFT members. 

Lipsweater’s press release stated, “Members will learn how the management of a junior hockey team works from the inside. They will get behind-the-scenes information, give regular input on certain operational and hockey decisions, help scout new players and prospects, help find sponsors, design and sell merchandise, raise funds, and more.”

The CEO of Lipsweater said, “What hockey kid hasn’t daydreamed about calling the shots, making a difference, guiding your team to that glorious championship?”  “I get goosebumps just thinking about it. This is “Franchise mode” that hockey video games offer, but in real life.”