Credit: Com2uS

Com2uS, the creators of the fantasy RPG franchise Summoners War, celebrates the eighth anniversary for its flagship RPG title, Summoners War: Sky Arena, revealing new monsters and special in-game events for players to enjoy. The eighth anniversary update introduces a variety of special events for players to participate in, including a new Nat 5 Monster Summon Event, Infinite Coin Shop Event and a Friend Gift Event. Additionally, players can now add the new legendary monsters “Shadowcaster” and “Hypnomeow” to their character rosters.

To celebrate the eighth anniversary, Com2uS has unveiled an all-new cinematic trailer highlighting the new monsters and in-game updates, here.

More details on the anniversary events can be found below:

Summoners War: Sky Arena – 8th Anniversary Updates:

  • New Monsters “Shadowcaster” and “Hypnomeow” – Sky Arena players can now add two new monsters to their rosters, including Shadowcaster and Hypnomeow. When deploying Shadowcaster, players can stun enemies for one turn up to 30%, and decrease their Defense for two turns by up to 80%. With Hypnomeow, players can attack an enemy and deal damage according to their Max HP to put enemies to sleep. More information on the new monsters can be found here and a trailer can be found here
  • New Special Anniversary Events 
    • Nat 5 Monster Summon Event – Starting now through June 1, players can summon eight Nat 5 Monsters at the event page based on the amount of 8-Year Coins they’ve collected. Players can also collect 100 coins by logging-in daily and 1,000 coins will be given on “Day 10/20/30” of check-in, while new and returning players will receive twice the amount of coins. Full details on the event can be found here
      • Up to eight monsters can be summoned from the event page, and players can acquire one monster at a time, according to their coins collected in total.
        • 1,000 coins collected – Summon 1 Nat 5 Monster
        • 3,000 coins collected – Summon 1 Nat 5 Monster
        • 6,000 coins collected – Summon 1 Nat 5 Monster
        • 10,000 coins collected – Summon 1 Nat 5 Monster
        • 15,000 coins collected – Summon 1 Nat 5 Monster
        • 20,000 coins collected – Summon 1 Nat 5 Monster
        • 30,000 coins collected – Summon 1 Nat 5 Monster
        • 40,000 coins collected – Summon 1 Nat 5 Monster
    • Infinite Coin Shop Event – Until June 1, players can collect special items at the Coin Shop, including a Mystical Scroll, Mana Stone +200,000, Energy +100 and 6★ Rune (Hero+) x1. Visit the event page here to learn more. 
    • Friend Gift Event – During this event, new and returning Summoners can claim a welcome gift when they enter the coupon code they received from another player. Existing Summoners will win Mystical Scrolls whenever a new or returning Summoner redeems their coupon code. Visit the event page here to learn more.