52% of U.S. gamers believe the metaverse will transform the game industry

According to a survey conducted by tech services firm Globant and polling firm YouGov, over 52 percent of US players believe the metaverse will transform the game industry.

The poll sought to determine how familiar and comfortable gamers are with the metaverse or the universe of interconnected virtual worlds depicted in novels such as Snow Crash and Ready Player One. Globant conducted a poll of 1,000 PC, console, and mobile gamers in May to investigate their thoughts, attitudes, and opinions on the metaverse.

The Future of Metaverse

Asked who was the top company associated with the metaverse, gamers said Meta (73%), Epic Games / Fortnite (27%), Roblox (21%), The Sandbox (15%), and Niantic (10%) “Through this survey, we see that although the development of the metaverse is still in its early stages, U.S. gamers already see the technology as capable of expanding the realm of possibility in gaming,” said Nicolas Avila, CTO for North America at Globant, in a statement. “

As knowledge of the metaverse and what it’s capable of becomes more common, we’re looking forward to seeing this sentiment spread to more people across industries.”

Play-to-earn and the Metaverse

Within metaverse games, over half of gamers are more interested in “playing” than “earning,” yet a large percentage of gamers perceive value in combining playing and earning. The statistics are as follows: – 49% are more interested in playing – Only 11% are more interested in earning – Nearly 40% would like some mix of both playing and earning within metaverse games.

According to the survey, 52 per cent of gamers believe the metaverse will transform the video game business, and a plurality (41 per cent) believe it will have a positive impact on the industry (vs. 25 per cent who disagree). Indeed, 40% believe the hype around metaverse gaming is justified, while nearly one-third (30%) are undecided.

It could be a matter of familiarity. While the majority of gamers (60%) are confident in defining the metaverse, familiarity and interaction with the space are still lacking among this population – only 39 per cent believe the gaming metaverse will mature in less than five years, while nearly the same number, 38 per cent, believe it will take longer.

Other Stats

Who has invested in NFTs? Only 16% of respondents said they had purchased NFTs, making up the great majority (81%) who had not.

Who in the metaverse is interested in buying, selling, or earning cryptocurrencies? Nearly half (45%) of respondents said they were not interested in carrying out bitcoin transactions, leaving 20% of respondents undecided. Slightly more than one-third (34%) of respondents said they were. Men (41%) and people aged 18 to 44 (37–47%) showed greater levels of interest in these transactions. The poll, which was sponsored by Globant and carried out by YouGov, included 1,000 American adults (18 years of age or older) who played more than three hours of video games on a weekly basis on PC, console, and/or mobile platforms. Gamers who solely play on mobile were excluded from the poll.