Aonic Group Investing $35 Million into VR developer and publisher nDreams

nDreams, virtual reality games publisher and developer based in the UK, received $35 million investment from Aonic Group.  The funds will be used to create more incredible titles by the VR studio.  It will also be used to develop publishing operation and into the nDreams Academy, which launched a year ago.  

“This investment is a pivotal moment for nDreams, and I’m delighted to have the support of Aonic, who share the same ambitious vision for the company that we do,” said nDreams boss Patrick O’Luanaigh. “As VR continues its trajectory towards becoming a truly mass-market technology, this is the rocket fuel needed to accelerate our rapid growth and take advantage of the many opportunities that continue to come our way.”

The studio has focused entirely on virtual reality since 2013.  It has released games such as Fracked and Far Cry: Dive Into Insanity.  Most well known and popular game should be Phantom: Covert Ops which is available on Oculus devices.  It has 1400+ ratings with 4+ stars on Oculus store. 

Source: nDreams

nDrames recently announced two new studios to expand their operations; nDreams Studio Elevation and nDreams Studio Orbital.  nDreams Studio Elevation will be focusing on creating AAA and core VR gaming experiences, while nDreams Studio Orbital will be focusing on developing live games for VR. nDreams also announced their third-party publishing initiative, which is designed to support, fund and publish VR games from indie developers.

“The nDreams team continue to impress with how far they are pushing VR,” said Aonic’s Paul Schempp.“Seeing their plans and visions for the future blew us away, and we are excited to join them on their incredible journey.”