Canadian NFT Marketplace “Edenloop” Introduces NFT Search Engine

Edenloop, a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace based in Canada, has successfully launched its blockchain-based NFT search engine “Block Loop,” which will operate as a full-fledged NFT portal site.

Edenloop CEO Justin Hur announced the debut of a new blockchain-based software search engine for non-fungible tokens on July 30. The new NFT feature will function as a hub site for NFT. The CEO said:

“We perceived users need fast, comprehensive, and large-scope search engine to maximize NFT value. Edenloop’s launching of the block loop search engine will bring many changes in the market”.

All about Edenloop

Edenloop, which started in 2013, is an NFT exchange that represents the real decentralisation of the Web for information. Edenloop is well-known for preserving digital artists’ rights and interests, as well as the copyright of their works.

Now, Edenloop has launched “Block Loop,” a blockchain-based search engine. The new NFT option will function as a fully decentralised search engine, similar to Google Web Crawling technology. Block Loop will use blockchain technology to verify centralised transactions on large NFT marketplaces and NFTs issued by foundations all over the world.

How Does the Block Loop Function?

Block Loop uses its integrated technology to import NFT Metadata onto the blockchain. The NFT functionality uses Loop Tag to retrieve NFT information at random and authenticates it using an Edenloop platform technique. After that, the duplicated transaction values are categorised and saved in each database.

Additionally, Block Loop use snippet technology to investigate various data, such as token ID, content address, and the type of NFT that best fits the search intent. To provide keyword search ranking services, Snippet tech reduces the time required to find NFT material on the site. As a result, the new technology uses SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technology to improve and maintain the quality of the optimised platform.

Block Loop will provide a number of advantages. The new NFT search engine will secure intellectual property rights via the Edenloop platform security mechanism while also providing users with high scalability and opportunity via real economy and Metaverse services.

Block Loop will also offer self-providing security and income generation chances to enable users to receive preferential services and ensure diversity. Furthermore, the NFT search engine provides users with lower transaction fees.