CoinFund launches $300M web3 fund to invest in early-stage crypto

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CoinFund, an investment firm focused on web3 and crypto, has announced the launch of CoinFund Ventures I (Ventures I), a new $300 million early-stage venture capital fund. The fund is backed by institutional investors, family offices, and crypto-native founders.

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As capital continues to deploy the crypto economy, another big fund is entering the space.

Ventures I is always on the lookout for founders who are thinking big when it comes to blockchain technology. They want to invest in people who have a clear vision for the future and are already seeing some success in their field. They also look for ventures with the potential to grow exponentially, making them a powerful force in their respective markets.

A lot of the startups that CoinFund has invested in from the very beginning are getting ready to raise money from Series A investors. And these companies want to keep working with CoinFund because of its team’s experience with cryptocurrency and its “founders first” mindset. In addition to making early-stage, venture-scale investments, Ventures I will seek to partner with new and ambitious founding teams. They are looking for companies that have the potential to grow rapidly and become leaders in their respective fields.

CoinFund: The History So Far and the blessings for New startups

CoinFund has been investing, building companies, and being involved in the community for seven years. With a team of more than 30 professionals, it is one of the leading investors in the web3 space.

With Ventures I, CoinFund will have the opportunity to invest in companies that have already seen some success and growth. This allows CoinFund to not only support these companies financially, but also offer advice and resources from our experienced team. These companies will benefit from the synergies and experience of CoinFund’s broader portfolio of 100+ remarkable teams as they accelerate through their next phase of growth.

Even though there might not be as much hype around investing in web3 and cryptocurrency, David Pakman, the managing partner at CoinFund still believes in its potential.