CurateDAO Launches on AVAX Blockchain Representing a Novel “To Earn” Model

Adding another possibility to the “to earn” models, CurateDAO launches the “curate to earn” model. Keeping in line with the play-to-earn or move-to-earn models, this one will reward users for performing tasks. The tasks will revolve around curating lists for the database. Users can play different roles, complete the tasks, and earn crypto. 

Launching CurateDAO on Avalanche (AVAX) Blockchain

CurateDAO is a Pinterest-like platform for sorting and managing database. The platform is running on the Avalanche blockchain. Users participating in the tasks will earn crypto rewards.  

The different roles people can take here include a curator, scout, or viewer. Curators can mint and formulate the rules or guidelines to complete the tasks. Plus, Scouts will find and contribute content that matches the guidelines. Also, viewers will only have to look at the content. 

Anyone or anything can become a curator. This means that a curator can be an AI-based robot, a GPT program, or an individual. The content published on the platform can be purchased or viewed. In any case, the curators will earn. 

Paying for Curation on CurateDAO? Will it Work?

The developers of CurateDAO are working with a belief that this move will help gather and sort high-quality data. The users are earning based on their task performance. 

The project’s founder, Michael Fischer, said that “The project will be useful in acquiring user-generated content in a familiar Web2 application manner.”