Dapper Labs Opens NFL Version of NBA Top Shot NFTs to the Public

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NFL fans have long been waiting for a way to get digital keepsakes of their favorite football stars, and Dapper Labs’ NFL All Day non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have finally opened to the public after a seven-month-long closed beta. These new NFTs will allow fans to own a piece of their favorite player’s legacy, and they can be traded or sold like any other collectible.

Dapper labs NFL NFTs
NFL All Day is an NFT collectibles platform. Image: Dapper Labs

On Wednesday, Dapper, the NFL, and the NFLPA launched a new project and announced the first public NFT drop. The pack of four NFTs, called Headliner, consists of four different new player moments.

NFT fans will have the chance to get their hands on some of their favorite player’s images, including Tom Brady, Trevor Lawrence, Javonte Williams, and Jalen Ramsey. There will be a total of 22,500 packs on sale for $59 each.

NFTs come in different rarities, with common, rare, and legendary being the most sought after. In order to get your hands on a legendary NFT, there are only 187 packs available.

As Feldman noted, NFL All Day’s closed beta phase saw nearly 200,000 customers buying an NFT moment, with sales totaling in the tens of millions of dollars. This is in addition to the initial primary sales made through the platform; 

Dapper Labs has High Hopes For NFL All Day

Dapper’s latest project, NFL All Day, is very similar to their first NBA Top Shot venture. Fans can buy tokenized player and team collectibles, called “moments,” that show video highlights from games. There are also game challenges where fans can win rewards like game tickets, jerseys, and VIP experiences.

Dapper Labs and the NFL are hoping that the success of their first project together can be repeated, but the odds seem to be against them. This is because there has been a general bear market for NFTs throughout the middle of 2022, which suggests that the initial interest in these products was largely due to irrational financial bubbles.

On top of that, the wider cryptocurrency industry has been struggling lately, with headlines about blockchain, crypto, and NFT swindles. Finally, the wider economy has suffered from inflation and rising energy prices until recently, which makes it even less likely that people will be interested in investing in NFTs. With the current state of the NFT market, it is unclear if this will be successful. Only time will tell.