Deadfellaz Co-Founder Betty reveals her True Identity

Deadfellaz Co-Founder Betty, was introduced to the NFT space by husband “Psych” in January of 2021. As Co-Director of a creative production agency, Betty was immediately drawn to NFTs.

Like many Founders in the NFT  community, “Betty” and husband “Psych” choose to keep their identity  anonymous. But for Betty, the decision to remain anonymous comes from a wish to “Work without the male gaze and everything that comes with it.” 

Deadfellaz was born out of Betty and Psych’s passion for NFTs with a strong desire to become a part of this escalating space. Betty states,”Nothing stood out” with nothing she says she “wanted to represent” herself with. 

Soon after, Betty and Psych launched the creation of their Deadfellaz NFT collection in August of 2021.

Why Deadfellaz Co-Founder was set to Doxx herself

Initially, Betty wanted to be “received for [her] work first” and set a “flagship example of how to use a pfp to create a personal brand.” Most importantly, she wanted to “maintain a certain amount of privacy and security” for her and her kids. 

She now states “ I decided to dox myself now because I value in-person connection. I enjoy meeting people and wanted to connect with my community on a new level. While I don’t think it’s necessary, it’s something I want. I’m looking forward to meeting people I work alongside, my peers, and the community.” She adds that her intention was to always attend events in real life. Go Betty.

“But, I wanted to set an example for personal branding without needing to lead with what I look like,” Betty adds. And by looking at Deadfellaz marketplace, it’s safe to say that Betty has succeeded in launching a very successful NFT project. She currently boasts over 75,000 Twitter followers marking a prominent spot in the NFT Twitter community.

It is common for many NFT project owners to remain anonymous when it comes to launching new projects. PFP NFT  are meant to inspire through variations of art, not by human identification. 

 “While I enjoy connecting and community building I also value my privacy and the privacy and safety of my children,” Betty further said. “Which is why I will maintain a certain level of detachment from my personal life and my work.”

The Future of the Deadfellaz NFT Project

Months after the launch of the Deadfellaz collection, Deadfellaz has released several secondary collections including their companion project – Deadfrenz– which features 13,000 NFTs with 13 different species. Deadfellaz Infected S1, A limited edition series of the O.G. collection created by top NFT artists to celebrate Halloween 2021, is another collection added on to the list. To top it off, Betty Pop Horror features 224 NFTs of Betty reimagined as classic pop horror icons.

“We really want to cement ourselves as a pillar of pop culture in the real world that is used as a vehicle for social change,” Betty says. “We all speak about Web3. But I don’t think we’re actually there. I think we’re building Web3 and Web2 right now. I want Deadfellaz to be a part of that. Everything that we’re doing is with that in mind and the progression of the space.” 

Betty’s most important piece of advice for creators aspiring to enter into the NFT space just as she had, is to have a healthy sleep schedule. Secondly, she says to not be discouraged if and when a project fails.

“Avoid comparison as much as possible and just continue on your own personal mission and remain authentic to that,” she added. “Try not to mirror what other people are doing because that’s what it looks like to be successful. Follow your own path, because we have this amazing opportunity where this space is full of completely unexplored land. A lot of the things that happen here are done for the first time ever. You could be that person. So, let your imagination run wild and really go for it.”