Doja Cat Collaborates with JBL To Release NFTs With an Exclusive AR Experience

NFT fans rejoice! A new collaboration between Doja Cat and JBL is launching on OneOf. Basically, OneOf is a green Web3 company partnering with musicians, athletes, and iconic brands. This new NFT collab is sure to get people talking.

Doja Cat X JBL: Featuring A Series Of Digitally Designed Headphones With Sweet Perks

OneOf launched Doja Cat’s first NFT collection in the past, and it sold out in 5 minutes. Now, her second collection, “Fresh Fruit” by Doja Cat x JBL is making her fans so excited. The Doja Cat x JBL NFTs collection includes a variety of virtual assets, from audio clips and images to 3D models and animations. 

What’s Coming in the Fresh Fruits NFT Collection?

Fresh Fruit NFT collection is coming on both OneOf and eBay, with a five-day release window between August and September. The release schedule is staggered, with the last tier of products launching on September 1st.

“Fresh Fruit By Doja Cat x JBL” NFT Collab Drops.

Doja Cat’s latest release is a series of fashionable 3D JBL headphones, each NFT designed by the artist herself. This joint venture comes with plenty of valuable benefits. Holders have the chance to get special access to the artist’s headline show at JBL Fest 2022, win early access to well-known JBL products and events, participate in AR simulations, and more. A genuine collaboration, every Fresh Fruit NFT provides excellent advantages for music fans.

The Fresh Fruit NFTs are released in four tiers: Green, Gold, and Diamond. Tiers launched on or before August 30th included perks such as the chance to win a trip for a holder plus guest and access to Doja Cat JBL AR simulations. 

Now fans are waiting for the upcoming tiers for platinum holders. 

Doja Cat is just one of many artists who are embracing NFTs as a way to reach their fans and create new experiences. With the possibilities the Metaverse offers, the sky’s the limit for what artists can do with this new technology.