Famous Taiwanese Singer, Jay Chou, loses $500,000 Bored Ape NFT

Jay’s Instagram post warning people about the scam.

On April Fool’s Day, Jay Chou discovered that his prized NFT ( non-fungible token) was stolen when his friend told him about the devastating news.

Chou was a victim of a scam. Where he took to Instagram on Friday, April 1st to announce his NFT was taken- “ Stolen by a phishing website”. His NFT was given to him from a friend, Jeffrey Hwang Licheng, a hip-hop star from Taiwan. 

The stolen NFT as first spotted on LooksRare, a NFT Marketplace with a transaction price of 133 ETH. It was later sold for 155ETH or $520,000. 

Chou posted on his instagram warning people to be cautious of NFT and wallet. Adding salt to the wound, security firm, Peckshield, indicated that Chou might have lost three more NFTS besides the BoredApe; Mutant Ape Yacht Club and two Doodles. 

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