GameStop launches its very own wallet and Crypto and NFTs

GameStop has officially made its way into the crypto and NFT universe.

From GameStop official NFT Twitter account.

A childhood staplehood for all the OG game lovers; GameStop, the video game retail chain has officially made its debut  in the crypto world as it launches its new wallet for users to store currency and enable transactions.

GameStop’s cryptowallet is self custodial, meaning users have private access to their assets. This setup is compatible with hardware wallets and reduces the risks of hackers and scams.The new wallet uses Loopring Layer 2 technology to facilitate transactions which allegedly provides faster speeds and lowers “gas” fees that come with processing ETH transactions. It is currently available as an extension on Google Chrome and Brave, but GameStop indicates that it will also be available on the iPhone in the near future.

After the launch of its new wallet, GameStop announced on Monday that the launch of its NFT marketplace will occur during the second quarter of the year.With this new launch, wallet users will be able to use their wallet together with the marketplace. The company partnered with Immutabke X for the preparation of its new launch; another design of Layer 2 protocol meant to lessen the gas fees used with ETH transactions.