Greg Hildebrandt and Steve Aoki To Drop NFTs on Solana

Steve Aoki has been active in the Metaverse for some time now. He first made waves with his NFT collection ‘Dream Catcher’ in 2021 and followed that up by launching his own NFT membership community, A0K1VERSE. Given that, his latest collaboration with Neon Future and Heavy Metal further cements his status as one of the most active artists in the Metaverse.

Aoki constantly pushes himself out of his comfort zone, and his latest work is no exception. Now, he is creating something new and unique by bringing the physical world into the digital realm.

Heavy Metal and NEon Future: A New Beginning in NFT Art

Steve Aoki’s NFTs Collection:  Heavy Metal Consists of 777 Rare Art Pieces

Heavy Metal, a fantasy and science fiction magazine, featured an NFT creative on its cover in May 2022. So here’s your chance to own a piece of the same artwork that inspired an iconic cover art piece. The NFT collection consists of more than 777 NFTs. 

There will be 777 pieces in the NFT collection, each with a digital signature that is hand-drawn and unique. Of these, 43 will have Aoki’s signature, 43 will have Greg Hildebrandt’s signature, and 43 will have Impact Theory founder Tom Bilyeu’s signature. The seven lucky people who find one of these could have a chance to mint a piece that contains signatures from all three men.

Greg Hildebrandt’s Heavy Metal NFT with Neon Future: Not to Miss

Greg Hildebrandt’s art is iconic, and you don’t want to miss this drop that brings it together with characters from Tom Bilyeu’s critically acclaimed Neon Future comic book.

The allowlist for NFTs will open on August 29th from 9 AM to 2 PM PST. Individuals from the Oddkey, A0K1VERSE, Heavy Metal and Impact Theory communities will get access to purchase for 1 SOL. The public sale begins on August 29th at 2 PM PST with the 1.5 SOL price.

Steve Aoki’s NFTs with Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory: A Rare Collection of art

Aoki’s first collection is dropping on the Oddkey marketplace, launched in 2021 by Aoki and Todd McFarlane. Oddkey is where collectors, creators, and fans of pop culture can connect and buy or sell digital artwork. In addition, you can check Oddkey Twitter to stay up-to-date on allow-listing and minting dates.