How can web3 Gaming Improve Today’s Gaming Scenario?

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While the whole web3 world is moving faster than ever, it’s safe to say that it is now reinventing the gaming industry with it. However, there’s room for further developments. From the beginning, the gaming sector has been under the radar of many criticisms. These include issues such as players’ safety, privacy, impact on mental health and more.

Web3 Gaming: What does the future hold?

  • Positive culture: In order to improve the adoption of online games by the masses, gaming companies can build structures to induce good behavior. This requires transparency about the platform’s mission and values to its players. Gaming firms should then comply with these values and with the discussed community guidelines. Since a community is an essential element of web3, it certainly can help build constructive behavior among players.
  • Mental health: Some online games have a negative impact on players’ minds and thinking. Projects such as GamerGate predict the extent to which gaming culture can fuel real-world harassment. Here also, community-oriented culture particularly in web3 gaming, can drive towards a positive environment. To achieve less transmission of bad behavior, web3 gaming companies can opt for human moderators and limit user-generated content. This will also increase the demand for a workforce in the gaming industry.
  • Safety: Safety and privacy remain one of the most prevalent concerns among critics. Web3 itself can solve privacy issues via blockchains. The web3 gaming technology can deliver more open, trustless, and permissionless solutions where users can interact without giving up ownership control.

Lastly, gaming companies can incorporate web3 products such as DAOs to build a stronger and closer community. DAOs also help in governing the system with the community’s involvement. At the moment, investors, customers, and employees seek to create more lifelike online connections than ever before while also prioritizing free speech, human rights, individual expression, choice, and safety. As a solution, web3 solutions can pave the way for long-term trust and growth.