Introducing Nas Academy Web3 Token-gated Courses

The online education portal Nas Academy Web3, which caters to content creators, recently announced that it would begin offering token-gated Web3 courses. With this decision, we are taking the first step toward giving back to the NFT community by providing free online courses.

The truth has finally been revealed. We have formed a partnership with Invisible College, a school that focuses on assisting individuals in web-based learning, investment, and Web3.

For the sake of this initiative, Nas Academy Web3 has formed a partnership with Invisible College, an online learning platform focused on Web3. The holders of NFT Decentraliens, a project based on Solana, will be able to enroll in courses offered by Nas Academy to learn about Web3 and cryptography.

You will need at least one NFT from Decentralien to enrol in the Invisible College. Tokenized access to an exclusive variety of web3 courses will be available to owners of Decentralien NFTs beginning September 1, owing to the cooperation. A large number of additional courses will be added shortly.

The benefit of taking this course based on NFTs is that upon successful completion of the course, students can either redeem the course’s value or sell their Decentralian NFTs for a return on their investment in tuition. In addition, the NFT can be utilized once more by a different student interested in enrolling in the course.

The courses typically cost between $49 and $597 each and will be provided at no cost to Decentralien NFT holders. The influencer Zeneca will teach a class titled “How to begin an NFT enterprise,” while a BAYC investor will teach a class titled “Bored Ape Yacht Club, explained.” These are just two of the course names.

In a tweet, NAS said, “We are committed to driving web3 adoption through access to education, and Invisible College is also committed to giving us access to its network of expert educators in this space.” Invisible College tweeted that it was “committed to giving us access to its network of expert educators in this space.”