It’s a Gundam Metaverse! Bandai Namco invest $130million

The background is a concept of their Metaverse.

Ever since the original Japanese television series aired in 1979, the popular giant robot anime has become one of the most enduring franchises around the world. Throughout the last 40 years, there have been many reboots and new technology to how the show and merchandise were produced. Today, the franchise had grossed more than $20 billion and it seems like it’s taking another giant robot step into the future with an investment of $130million into a metaverse project.

Bandai Namco, the parent company for Gundam, has announced the development of a Metaverse project that is multi-media integration with the video games, anime, and its toyline.

The project was hinted at the previous month at the Bandai Namco’s Gundam Conference. The concept of their metaverse was taken from one of their popular anime show, Gundam Build Fighters. The show depicts people able to use their Gundam figurines to interact with a virtual reality battler. The company is always been focused on merchandise sales, especially with their line called Gunpla. 

Gunpla is similar to model kits where there is assembly required. This single lineup of model kits has grossed up to $876million between the years 2013 to 2020. The company seems to be tying in how toys can have a connection to their metaverse. A similar non-blockchain experience would be Nintendo’s Amiibo, where gamers can scan the code on their Amiibo figurine and have some sort of in-game function.

The buzz for metaverse really took off after the announcement of Facebook rebranding to Meta in 2021. Many companies are racing to develop their own unique worlds while others are leveraging popular IPs like Gundam to bring in existing fans. 

Gundam franchise is popular outside of Japan and by looking at the sales number of toys, it’s growing. We are highly anticipating further announcements and how NFTs and cryptocurrencies can play a role.