Lattice Capital’s Second Funding Round Bags $60 Million taking the total to $80 Million

Lattice Capital secured a whopping $60 million in its second funding round. It plans to invest in 40 to 50 Web3-based crypto projects. This round takes total funding to $80 million. Lattice Capital will invest between $50,000 to $1.5 million in each project.

While 40 to 50 companies are in the crosshairs of the crypto fund at present, we can expect more to join the league. Recently, Coindesk conducted an interview with Mike Zajko, who is the General Partner of Lattice. 

In the interview, Mike shared that Lattice Capital has already invested in 9 startups. One of them is Optic. Mike also highlights the fact that this investment is despite the current situation of the crypto market. And this is only testament to the fact that there is still a lot of faith in the crypto market. 

He said, “We continue to be impressed by the talent entering the crypto space and welcome a bear market as an advantageous time for committed investors like us to partner with promising new projects that are as exciting to build in a bear as a bull,” he said.”

Lattice Capital’s General Partner Regan Bozeman shares that Lattice is fortunate to have a team of experts. They stay in touch with startups receiving investment from Lattice. 

Yet to Take These Investments Public

Despite securing all the investments in two successful rounds, Lattice Capital has not yet shared any activity with the public. There is no record in the US Securities Exchange Commission filings. 

Out of the nine startups receiving investment from Lattice Capital, the public only knows the name Optic. The optic is an AI-based platform giving authentication procedures to NFT creators and collectors. 

Even after the downtrend in the crypto market, a total of $17.5 billion was raised in the first six months of 2022.