Meta Now Lets You Publish NFTs on Instagram and Facebook Both

Meta, the company behind Instagram and Facebook, has announced that non-fungible token (NFT) support now offers cross-posting compatibility between the two platforms. This means that users can post their NFTs on both Instagram and Facebook, making it easier for them to reach a wider audience.

Now Easily Share Your Digital Art on Facebook and Instagram

Meta’s recent rollout of NFT and Web3 wallet support to 100 countries indicates that the company is looking to enter the digital collectible-sharing market. This move will allow Meta to tap into a growing market and provide its users with more ways to connect and share their collections. The social media company shared some information on Twitter recently, and they also have a blog post from May that gets updated frequently. 

The digital asset sharing posts will look like regular posts, with a badge to mark them as digital collectibles. This way, people can still collect and curate their online content with a badge to show off that they’ve done it.

A Digital art post shared on Facebook and Instagram the badge of digital collectible. 

Meta’s Future Plan for Supporting NFTs and Digital Wallets on platforms

The Social media giant also noted on August 4 that the digital collectibles features would support a diverse range of blockchains, including Flow, Ethereum, and Polygon. This move enables the company to tap into a larger pool of potential users and implement its digital collectibles. In addition, no extra fees are associated with posting your digital assets on the Facebook and Instagram platforms. 

The Rival Social Media Twitter is Not Far in The Race 

Twitter’s recent launch of non-fungible token support has given them a leg up on the competition. With features like longer video uploads, 1080p quality, and an NFT profile picture, Twitter Blue Labs is quickly becoming the go-to platform for NFTs. However, Meta has one advantage over Twitter: the ability to support static and dynamic NFTs created on the Ethereum blockchain.

Things You Need to Take Care Before You Start Sharing Digital Assets on Social Media

A few important things must be kept in mind before you post your digital assets on social media. First, make sure you maintain a secure connection. If possible, this means ensuring your accounts are protected with strong passwords, a security question, and two-factor authentication.