MetaMask now allows users to purchase cryptocurrency with Apple Pay

According to the announcement from MetaMask, iPhone users can now purchase cryptocurrency with ease using Apple Pay on its latest version.

Before the latest update, users needed to transfer Ethereum into the MetaMask app in order to buy cryptocurrency.  However, with the latest update, users can easily purchase cryptocurrency using their debit and credit cards.

“We wanted to expand the way in which users can convert crypto within the app itself and not have to leave it,” said ConsenSys director of communications and content James Beck.

The iOS update uses two payment gateways, Wyre and Transak.  The two payment gateways act as “providers” to process and support user’s debit and credit card transactions.

To put it more simply, Mastercard and Visa card owners whose cards are connected to Apple Pay can now purchase ETH on their mobile phone.  However, at this time, MetaMask has set a daily limit on the Wyre payments API for deposits worth up to $400.

Transak allows users to buy stablecoins such as USDT, DAI, and USDC directly on the Ethereum mainnet.  With the latest update on MetaMask, users can also make bank transfers and use their credit/debit cards to purchase cryptocurrency in the 60 fiat currencies listed.

Most importantly, gas fees for transactions are much cheaper than usual.  Furthermore, if a particular transaction in MetaMask originates from a private blockchain, it is possible to be gas-free.