MicroStrategy Planning to offer employees Bitcoin option in 401(k) retirement plan via Fidelity

Business intelligence company MicroStrategy (MSTR) became the first public company to offer their employees the option to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) as part of their 401(k) program, CEO Michael Saylor said in his tweet on Tuesday.

On the same day, Fidelity announced that it would provide corporations who use its retirement savings rails a bitcoin investment option later this year.  Fidelity is a financial services company which has one of the largest 401(k) providers working with 23,000 corporations.  This move is another signal of Bitcoin’s legitimacy, but it’s not a safe bet for some people, given the significant fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices.

MicroStrategy is best known in the crypto area for its aggressive Bitcoin earning strategy.  Earlier this month, the company bought 4,157 BTC for $190.5 million, bringing its total holding to 129,218 BTC (approximately $5.1 billion).