Miley Cyrus Registers Her Trademark in the Metaverse for a New Venture

Miley Cyrus is the latest artist to enter the world of metaverse. The singer has applied for two trademarks related to the technology. This move signals that Cyrus wants to get involved in the growing world of NFTs.

The music star known for her distinctive raspy voice

On Aug. 16, Cyrus recently submitted two trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for ‘Miley’ and ‘Miley Cyrus’. These trademarks will help protect her name and brand as she continues to grow her career.

Mike Kondoudis, an NFT and metaverse trademark attorney, shared this exciting news on his Twitter account.

The two trademarks, registered under serial numbers 97551201 and 97551195, suggest that there may be plans to release downloadable virtual content, such as art, clothes, jewellery, eyewear, shoes, bags, toys, badges, and more. 

Miley Cyrus and Its Metaverse Plans

If Cyrus moves forward with their plans, she will be the first artist to independently release virtual products and services. 

Recently, the Hannah Montana star made her debut in the virtual world as an avatar in Gucci Town. She is the face of the new Flora Gorgeous Jasmine campaign from Gucci Beauty. Miley Cyrus’s metaverse appearance is a fun way to engage with fans and promote the new campaign.

Furthermore, the first fragrance that the brand is releasing will be available in the metaverse. It will include digital wearables, scavenger hunts, and a digital ad campaign. The campaign is called Flora Fantasy, and it will allow visitors to take selfies with Cyrus in the virtual world.

Miley Cyrus: The Pop Teen Sensation

Miley Cyrus is a world-renowned artist in the music industry. She has over 35 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Now, the singer is taking her talents to the next level by registering her name in the metaverse.

Likewise, American singer and songwriter Billie Eilish is the latest musician to file for trademark protection of her name and logo. Her music company, Lash Music LLC,  filed the applications in May 2022. This follows a trend of other recording artists who have taken similar action to protect their brands.