OnlyFans Founder to Launch an NFT Trading Card Platform “Zoop” This Summer

Tim Stokely, the founder of OnlyFans, is launching Zoop, an NFT trading card platform, with RJ Phillips, another OnlyFans executive. Phillips plans to join and build in the NFT and web3 space after establishing a $1 billion business in OnlyFans.

Zoop is an upcoming marketplace, headed by the founder of OnlyFans.

What exactly is Zoop? 

Zoop is a Polygon blockchain-based decentralized NFT trading card platform. It will offer celebrity trading cards for fans to collect, buy, sell, and trade on their marketplace. Zoop is acquiring licenses from celebrities and influencers as a result of their partnerships with media corporations.

The platform will be created by a large team, including developers with experience working on web3 projects.

According to Stokely, the trading platform will be a “win for celebrities” and brands because it will allow them to interact with their fans and customers in new ways. The marketplace will launch three batches of passes and will cease production afterwards. The passes have a maximum supply of 35,000 and the minting price starts at $150.

Before the initial launch, the Zoop team is offering a limited number of Priority Passes. It will offer a variety of benefits to Zoop platform early adopters, including:

  1. Voting rights
  2. Access to virtual and real-world events
  3. XP boost within the ecosystem
  4. Exclusive mint with partner artists
  5. No in-app trading fees
  6. Monthly Giveaways
  7. Access to Private Discord Channel
  8. Bonus NFT rewards

The referral program is the most notable aspect of this initiative. This program allows users to become brand ambassadors via a unique referral code or link, which they can then share with their social media followers.

Lastly, Zoop plans to build the NFT marketplace on Polygon Blockchain, with the goal of making Web 3 inclusive. The collaboration will provide low transaction costs and fast transaction speeds, making the trading platform both accessible and secure.