Paris Hilton Takes the Next Step in Web3 Journey, Bringing the Malibu Mansion to the Metaverse

Now Paris Hilton fans can visit the celebrities’ mansion. But not in the real world, in the metaverse. The self-proclaimed crypto queen has partnered up with Sandbox and is building the famous Malibu mansion in the metaverse.

The celebrity or entrepreneur has a strong presence in the crypto world and is now expanding it further. The partnership ropes in Sandbox and 11:11 Media. As the famous singer and artist are creating a world in the metaverse, fans will be allowed to join. 

The Sandbox x Paris Hilton: Join Parties and Events

Just as in the real world, Paris Hilton will host parties and events in the metaverse mansion. The celebrity’s fans and community can join them. There will be rooftop parties and special events like Halloween, to which the fans will also be invited. 

Paris Hilton is giving the fans and community a unique metaverse experience in a chic style. 

The celebrity says, “I am beyond excited to expand Paris World further into the metaverse. In collaboration with my amazing partner, The Sandbox, my team is dedicated to building an incredible real-life experience for my fans.”

A Big Crypto and Metaverse Influencer

Paris Hilton was one of the first famous personalities to hop on the Web3 train. The past interactions of the celebrity with metaverse include DJing at Dencetraland’s Metaverse concert in the Genie avatar. 

Some of the previous NFT collections by the pop singer are with designer Blake Kathryn. Together, the duo has sold around 11 art pieces as NFTs. Last year, Paris Hilton could see the crypto influence hosting the New Year’s party on Roblox metaverse. 

Several similar examples demonstrate the celebrity’s interest, enthusiasm, and approach toward the NFT world. Going forward, the famous socialite sees the metaverse as the future of socializing and partying. 

About Sandbox

Sandbox represents a virtual gaming world and a metaverse. It has more than 40 million installs completed globally. The users set the goals and play the game, which operates on a play-to-earn model.