Phygital Ring To Sell As Part Of Sotheby’s NY “Art As Jewellery As Art” Auction

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Sotheby’s NY “Artwork as Jewellery as Artwork” sale is set to feature a physical and digital ring designed by Francine Ballard of Metagolden. The customer of this gold-and-emerald ring will be able to wear it in both the physical world and the metaverse.

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The one-of-one NFT sold during the auction is paired with a physical “Ethereum Expedition” ring.

The NFT offered during the public sale is unique and comes with a special “Ethereum Expedition” ring. The design of the ring is inspired by intercontinental rocket launches which may become a reality in the near future. Additionally, the ring resembles a miniature geodesic dome, patented by Buckminster Fuller and adopted in design by David Webb.

According to Metagolden, pairing the digital with the physical doubles the customer’s investment. This is because assets will appreciate independently of one another, both on the gold market and on the ever-expanding NFT market.

About Sotheby’s NY “Art As Jewelry As Art” Auction

Sotheby’s NY believes that this ring speaks to a new type of collector who sees the blockchain as a cultural revolution. They believe that the ring symbolizes the “illustrious futurists’ blueprint for transit.”

The online auction will take place from September 24 to October 4, 2022. The works will be on view at Sotheby’s NY New York Avenue Galleries during the same period. In addition to the phygital ring, the auction will also feature jewelry by some of the biggest artists of the 20th century.

The Sotheby’s NY “Art as Jewelry as Art” sale features a wide range of pieces by artists who have explored the world of miniature art. The 150 artworks in the sale can be worn as jewellery or displayed as part of a private collection.

The sale includes iconic pieces by some of the greatest artists of the modern art movement.

In today’s world, collecting art is often seen as an investment. The pieces assembled here are certainly smart investments, as most are either unique items or from small editions. They’re scarce and can only become more so,” said Sotheby’s NY Tiffany Dubin.

This jewellery collection is the perfect opportunity to reintroduce these artists’ works to collectors in a new context. By categorizing the jewellery as art, it allows collectors to see the pieces in a whole new light and appreciate them for their intricate designs and unique stories.