Siempre Spirits Announced BAYC #5132 as Celebrity Ambassador

The highly rated independent brand makes tequilas with a unique combination and provides trust with legitimate products instead of celebrities.  Creator of Siempre Tequila appoints BAYC #5132 or “Chido” as a global ambassador.

“Keeping very serious about our tequila, while being able to shine bright and have a bit of fun, is very true of Siempre. We see an incredible parallel between Chido the ape and our brand,” said Alex Lacroix, Co-Founder of Siempre. “We have always wanted to put forth something or someone that exudes the same traits that Siempre embodies, and we felt that Chido the Bored Ape was a perfect fit,”

The three expressions of Siempre tequila - one of which just became one of our favorites
Source: Siempre

According to Chido’s tweet, Chido will be the unofficial mixologist of the BAYC bar and official ‘SpokesApe’.  Furthermore, he will also make special appearances and use his ‘talent’ to promote Siempre Tequila while traveling the world.  Plus, to spread the message that perseverance and being true to yourself and others can go a long way. 

Siempre Co-Founder Monica Sanita said, “Expect pop-up bars, special merch collaborations and all types of fun creative stuff you’ll find out about when the time is right.”