Solana went dark for 7 Hours due to bots swarming a NFT Minting Tool ‘Candy Machine’

It would be a nightmare scenario if Wall Street would just suddenly stop trading due to a surge of irregular activities. Unfortunately for the popular blockchain creator of Solana was the victim over the weekend. On Saturday night a flood of proof-of-stake chain knocked validators out of the consensus and halting block production. One Solana stakeholders calling it “ insane amount of data”.

From Metaplex twitter over the weekend.

A popular NFT minting tool known as ‘Candy Machine’ was flooded by bots earlier Saturday in a wave of four million transaction request and 100 gigabytes of data per second- a record for the Solana. 

Block production was grind to a stop as the network went dark between 4:32pm to 11pm EST as validator restarted the cluster at slot 131973790. It is still unclear as how the bots pushed validators out of consensus.

Anatoly Yakovenko, Solana Co-founder, gave credit to the community for spearheading mainnet recovery. While on social media, fingers where pointing at him for being “MIA” during the blackout and not communicating.

This is not the first blackout that stroke Solana. Last September, there was a 17 hour outage with a hark fork restart that did not resolve with new-and-improved code populating acros the validators. Fortunately for this outcome, things went back to where it left off before the outage 7 hours ago. 

According to CoinGecko, the outage had manifested a drawdown in Solana marketplace was their token went down to a low of $83.13 three hours not the outage before climbing back to $89 as things resumes.

The core developers over at Solana have assessed the situation and came up with a strategy to apprehend the bots attacking the existing safeguards. 

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