The Weeknd Spends over $70k on FVCKRENDER NFTs

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R&B star The Weeknd has made a lot of digital art fans happy today, as the superstar bought over $70,000 worth of FVCKRENDER NFTs. Recently, the NFT art designer made waves with his highly successful FVCK _ CRYSTAL project, which turned into a $36 million revenue.

FVCKRENDER’s vision is to take the best of both human and robot experiences and merge them into one. This hybrid would be both futuristic and old-school, depending on how you look at it. On one hand, it would be like something out of a science fiction novel. On the other hand, it would have the potential to accurately portray human emotions in a way that has never been seen before.

The founder of non-fungible tokens has also used natural elements in his futuristic-vibe non-fungible tokens. Neon scorpio, for instance, is portrayed around, patterned with neon geometric shapes and chained through wild and trippy mushrooms. Furthermore, the retro-inspired token standard is trendy among those Web3 enthusiasts who are digging vintage design, glitch aesthetics of vapour and cyberspace culture.

Moreover, Mr. FVCKRENDER can be proud of his huge satisfied client list, which includes:

  • Hypebeast
  • Supreme
  • Swarovski
  • Spotify (NYSE:SPOT)
  • TIME
  • Avant Arte
  • Supreme
  • DIOR 

NFTs, Cryptos and The Weeknd: The Ever Musician to have a Web3 enabled Music Tour

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, more commonly known by his stage name The Weeknd, made headlines last month when he inked a deal with Binance. The move makes The Weeknd the first ever musician to have a Web3-powered tour. The highly anticipated trek kicked off on July 8th and features a dedicated NFT collection in collaboration with HXOUSE, a creative arts incubator.

The Man Behind the FVCKRENDER NFTs

FVCKRENDER is a digital artist who has taught himself how to use 3D art software to create innovative pieces of art. In the five years since he started creating one piece of art every day, he has developed a strong portfolio of cyber world-inspired art. His unique style is a combination of mechanical and human elements, with raw emotions and technology. He is currently based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and uses art as self-therapy to continue improving his skills.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are having a major impact on the music industry. They are making it possible for artists to connect with their fans directly, without going through a middleman. This is giving artists more control over their careers, and fans are able to support the artists they love more easily.