Tom Brady and ESPN are working together to create an NFT collection

Tom Brady is working with ESPN to create an NFT collection

Today, ESPN announced a partnership with American Hall of Famer football legend, Tom Brady and his company to create a project known as Autograph. The news coincides with the release of Brady’s career in a docuseries. 

Autograph is a private company co-founded by Brady as a platform to highlight athletes’ accomplishments by minting their success on a blockchain.

“Man in the Arena: Tom Brady” is available on ESPN+ and Disney+. This follows Brady’s path from a fresh draft pick to arguably the quarterback American football player of all time. Check out the viewing on DraftKings is also part of the marketplace sale.

The partnership will focus on releasing the first NFT collection to be minted through a multi-year deal. The NFT collection focuses on the feature “three zine covers” which are the top moments in Brady’s career. Initially, Brady has signed 50 tokens from the collection.

Autograph-ESPN plans to release the second drop by later episodes to let people get into the second release.