Tom Brady’s Autograph Launches New NFT ‘Signature Experiences’ for Fans

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With the current market state in crypto winter, some NFT collectors are shifting their perspective to look for digital tokens with more purpose than just serving as a digital collectible. Tom Brady’s Autograph, an NFT site catering to athletes, is launching a new Signature Experiences program. 

The Huddle, Autograph’s first NFT-powered experience, features Tom Brady, the company’s co-founder.

The program will offer access to exclusive events, merchandise, forums, and more. The first NFT-powered experience from Autograph is called “The Huddle.” It features Tom Brady, Autograph’s co-founder. Furthermore, it will also give the holders access to watch parties so they can see their favorite team play live. The program is prepared in response to customer feedback and demand for more opportunities to connect with their favorite athletes.

Additionally, the members will have access to other brands that Tom Brady is affiliated with, such as his crypto company FTX and BRADY Brand, as well as his nutrition and performance company TB12.

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Starting September 8th, Tom Brady’s fans can experience the first Signature Experience through Autograph. The signature experience allows them to get Tom’s autograph and enjoy other exclusive benefits. 

Autograph is joining the ranks of NFT companies offering more than just a digital collectible to their customers. The Bored Ape Yacht Club is one of the most well-known examples of this concept. By owning one of the 10,000 NFT apes, you can access an exclusive Discord server where you can interact with other ape owners and celebrities. This community demonstrates how a group with a common interest can unite and create something unique.

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Besides, as a Tom Brady fan club member, you’ll get access to several unique features and events, including future NFT drops, invite-only access to local games in Boston, exclusive BRADY merch, and more. In addition, Tom Brady fans can access “The Huddle” by minting a special NFT called “Season Ticket.”

Autograph’s expansion into in-person events with Signature Experiences is a significant milestone for the company.