Twitch Founder Justin Kan Says Web3 Games Don’t Need a Play-and-Earn Model  

It is no news that the cryptocurrency industry is placing a lot of bets on the video game scene to push its popularity. Blockchain technology might find its biggest takers in the play-and-earn model where gamers can make a living while doing something that they clearly have the skills for. However, Twitch co-founder Justin Kan, who recently also started the gaming NFT marketplace called Fractal, seems to have quite the optimistic take on web3 gaming, without insisting on the play-and-earn model. 

The recent mishap around the crypto-game Axie Infinity saw the damage that can potentially be caused to the entire crypto market in the case of a crypto heist. Since then, the market itself has been struggling slightly to regain its lost momentum. According to Justin Kan, web3 gaming needs more shape and solidity since most gamers do not engage with the play-and-earn web3 model at all. Naturally, this needs more development. But at the same time, Kan believes that blockchain technology might be instrumental for a whole revamp of the gaming industry as we know it to be right now. 

The Potential Gaming Ecosystem

Going by Justin Kan, web3 model of creating digital assets and basing transactions around them might just be what the world needs, to bring the worlds of crypto and gaming together. Games like Fortnite essentially monetize user and player activities through transactions concerning costumes, weaponry, and other in-game elements. The anticipated Justin Kan web3 model will, hopefully, take this entire thing a notch further by allowing players to create custom non-fungible assets, which might retain their value in inter-game spaces as well. As the gaming and crypto connoisseur puts it, this could be a constructive approach towards facilitating a comprehensive ecosystem incorporating crypto-based transaction models into the gaming verse. 

Blockchain Is Not the Be-All and End-All, but It’s a Start 

Justin Kan web3 gaming investments amount to quite a figure including his contributions in BR 1: Infinite Royale. But in spite of that, Kan lays more emphasis on blockchain because of its current cultural phenomenality than its essential technological inevitability. In fact, he is of the opinion that the interoperable web3 model would have come to pass even if this specific technology was not playing a pivotal role. However, the decentralization of transactions and the resistance to censorship that blockchain technology aims at can bring in quite a change in the mainstream gaming scene. 

Kan also went on to add that the play-and-earn model does not necessarily have to be linked with gamers’ livelihoods at all, because digital assets that are being synthesized or created in the process hold value even if individual gamers do not end up actually making money from it. The chief emphasis of Justin Kan web3 gaming model is clearly on the immersive ecosystem that can come out of this, and not on individual in-game transactions that have already been a part of popular games, like Minecraft.