UFC Will Provide Bitcoin Bonuses to UFC Fighters

By having a partnership between UFC and Crypto.com, UFC fighters will receive bonuses in bitcoin. At each UFC pay-per-view event, fans will vote for outstanding fighters and three fighters will receive bitcoin bonuses.  

Bitcoin awards will be fully funded by Crypto.com.  The first-place fighter will receive $30,000 of bitcoin, second-place fighter will receive $20,000 of bitcoin and third-place fighter will receive $10,000 of bitcoin.

According to The Sports Daily, the average annual income was $160,000 for UFC athletes last year.  Therefore, bitcoin bonuses might prove to be attractive to many UFC fighters.

 This promotion will be starting with this weekend’s UFC 273 and three “Fan Bonus of the Night” awards will be paid in bitcoin.

“Crypto.com has been an official UFC partner for less than a year, and I’m telling you they are already one of the best partners we’ve ever had,” according to UFC president Dana White. “They’re constantly coming up with new ideas about how we can work together to connect with the fans. This new Fan Bonus of the Night is an awesome way to get fans more engaged in our events while rewarding the fighters for bad-ass performances.” 

Crypto.com became UFC’s first-ever global fight kit partner with 10-year, $175 million partnership between cryptocurrency marketplace Crypto.com and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).  It was one of the deals with sports teams and brands made by Crypto.com.  It also accomplished the naming rights to previously named Staples Center in Los Angeles, now changed to Crypto.com Arena.

In addition, Crypto.com became an official sponsor of the  FIFA World cup Qatar 2022.