VeeFriends Airdropped VeeCon 2022 Tickets to Their NFT Holders

Source: VeeCon

Recently, VeeCon 2022 Ticket NFTs have been airdropped to VeeFriends Series 1 holders and also users who exchanged for Gary Originally Owned (G.O.O.) VeeCon 2022 Ticket NFTs through BOOK GAMES Exchange website.  The floor price almost reached 2 ETH for VeeCon Tickets on OpenSea.

VeeCon 2022 is a multi-day superconference which will take place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, 19th – 22nd of May 2022 at the U.S. Bank Stadium.  This event is exclusively created for VeeFriends and Web3 community.

Things to know about VeeCon 2022 Ticket NFT

Veecon Ticket NFTs came as an ERC-721 token.  These tokens are verifiable tickets for admission to VeeCon 2022 which is a real-life conference made for web3 and VeeFriends community.  

Veecon Ticket NFTs are unique because it will remain in holders’ digital wallets and it can be collectible with long-term value.  The artwork has not been revealed at this time, but is expected to be shown in April.  

Things to know if wanting to join VeeCon 2022

First of all, you must hold a VeeCon Ticket NFT in your mobile-compatible NFT digital wallet and register it for admission with the official VeeCon event app.  Unfortunately, the app will be launching in May 2022 both on IOS and Android.  

VeeCon 2022 will host an incredible lineup of speakers.  Snoop Dogg, Beeple and Mila Kunis are included as speakers.   Speakers will be sharing vision into marketing, business, and entrepreneurship during the conference.

According to Gary Vee, “VeeCon 2022 is inspired by favorite events I’ve seen throughout my life, including business conferences, music festivals, closed-door offsite events, and not least of all, summer camp activities. This is the career-defining conference of my life, and I will deliver,”