WAGMI Collaborates with Adidas to Launch an NFT Collection

WAGMI has recently announced an NFT collection with Adidas “WAGMI United”. This collection is based upon English League One club Crawley Town. According to the joint team, the new NFTs will give sports fans a personal involvement in molding the future of their favourite team.

WAGMI has plans to turn Crawley Town into a famous internet team with a huge, loyal audience.

WAGMI United to launch History-Making NFTs for Football Fans

To begin, the highly anticipated NFTs in collaboration with Adidas will be critical in bringing the proposed ideas to life. These NFTs will provide sports fans with easy access to club advantages, including the ability to redeem tangible Adidas items. Furthermore, WAGMI NFT holders will have a unique opportunity to vote on club leadership, including the appointment of Club Chairmen and WAGMI United co-founders. Likewise, the first-of-their-kind NFTs will provide sports fans with a more immersive and interactive experience.

Nonetheless, Preston Johnson and Eben Smith, co-founders of WAGMI United, will decide whether to keep their positions if the Crawley Town sports club fails to qualify for League One the following season. Johnson stated the following about the NFT project:

“There are some traditional sports teams claiming to be ‘community-owned.’ But what do fans get? A piece of paper they can frame on their wall? We think they deserve more than that.”

The Adidas’ New Partnership

Adidas entered the digital asset space in 2021, clearing the door for creators, athletes, and fans to participate. Meanwhile, the new relationship with WAGMI will open up new opportunities in the sports sector, allowing sports fans to form a strong sense of community and belonging to their favorite team. Adidas General Manager Nick Craggs explained the new alliance while remarking on it:

“Our partnership with WAGMI United has allowed us to work with Crawley Town FC. We’re excited to be providing Adidas products for the club, to be part of their community, and to support their future endeavors in the game.”

Adidas will become an official uniform maker and a parallel partner of Crawley Town Football Club as part of the new agreement. Notably, this is the first time Adidas has worked with a League Two club in this capacity. The new integration, according to WAGMI, is a real manifestation of the “We Are Gonna Make It” mentality.

Besides, two months back, PUMA and Manchester City launched an NFT collection with physical shoe