You can buy the first Twitter Tweet as an NFT for $48 million

There’s been quite a lot of discussion about Twitter in the news this week; things involving Elon Musk buying in as a major stakeholder, unbanning former U.S. President Donald Trump, free speech debate on the platform, and now NFTs sale among very rich people.

The original first tweet was sold to a Malaysian businessman prior for $2.9 million. Now at a cool price of $48 million at OpenSea (an online NFT marketplace for users to buy and sell). The value has been elevated up to 16 times what he paid a year ago.

Sina Estavi, the CEO of a Malaysian blockchain service Bridge Oracle, announced on Twitter that he will put his valuable NFT tweet that said: “just setting up my twttr” for sale at 14,969 Ethereum with the caveat of dominating 50% of the proceed to charity organization GiveDirectly. The charity focuses on providing cash to impoverish people. 

This has attracted the attention of co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey expressed support of the NFT sales but with an added response of “why not 99% of it?” which he responded to Estavi on Twitter.