ZepetoX, backed by Solana blockchain and Jump, official entry into crypto-world

Zepeto, a Web 2 Metaverse platform, built by South Korea based
company Naver reached 320 million registered users recently,
announced a partnership with Solana and leading global blockchain
organizations including Jump, for developing ZepetoX, a crypto-
metaverse initiative — Zepeto’s official venture into the crypto world.

The How of the Partnership

The intention behind this union is to tend toward a crypto-augmented
approach for exploiting the opportunities Web 3.0 technology brings

The officials added that the company is excited to have Jump on board,
to connect with a more diverse audience and compound the reach of
the initiative into a rapidly growing crypto-space. Jump will advise

ZepetoX will do this by providing a 3D world platform where creators
can build, play and earn on top of blockchain technology. Users will be
able to monetize their enterprise on the platform with digital asset
ownership and social interaction while providing various layers of
gamification and self-expression through non-fungible tokens (NFTs),
the sources added.

Eventually, the multiverse platform aims to create a space that will
empower self-expression through customizable avatars and lands that
can facilitate NFTs created by real customers from diverse backgrounds.

The company expressed interest in launching an NFT land sale in the
near future.

Being the only blockchain on Zepeto’s plate, the users will have
exclusive benefits in terms of IP including technological, design and
content assets. It also allows cross-boarding on both platforms.

How ZepetoX would be a unique experience

Technological expertise and institutional knowledge amassed by
Zepeto, in building an enveloping social network platform, over the
past 4 years will assist ZepetoX to venture out.

The coming together of these factors makes ZepetoX a full-fledged
experience builds upon the foundation of Zepeto’s network to
spearhead the adoption of blockchain among metaverse users, creators
and developers.