13 year old becomes multi-millionaire NFT creator

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Nyla Hayes at 13 year became a multi-millionaire when she sold her NFTs(non-fungible tokens are one of a kind digital art) of characterized depiction of famous women of history. 

Hayes named the collection “Long Neckies”. Stemming from childhood fascination of long-necked dinosaurs , an elongated necks are a distinctive design in all 3000 pieces. 

In February, she sold one for $3,920.05 and in March, she sold a piece called “ Long Neckie Lady” for $6,621.70 on Instagram. 

Her mom supported her daughter’s passion for art from an early age. She gave Nyla a smartphone at 9 and she began to do digital art.  With a bit encouraging from her uncle, Nyla took the opportunity to create NFTs and sell it on the marketplace. 

By 2021, Nolan was bestowed the title “ Time Magazine’s First Artist-in-Residency ”.  This entails accomplishment through NFT. She later contributed on the Time’s cover for “Women of the Year” franchise.