9GAG launches NFT befittingly named ‘Memeland’

9GAG Launches Its First NFT Project Aptly Named 'Memeland' – ULTCUBE88 –  Lates NFT News

The popular comedy platform, 9GAG is planning to move the memes to the meta verse with the launch of their NFT collection “MemeLand”. Over the last two decades, the platform have gain a global audience over 200 million and they are ready to mobilize them towards their metaverse.

The collection is composed of 9,999 salty sea captains that reflex the culture of the internet and the meme’s that came before and currently in place. These sea captain comes with a crew as a perk for user to explore the “Broken Sea” to sale the sea looking for riches and adventures. Other perks include access to exclusive content in the NFT marketplace, airdrops, early access to 9GAG project, private club membership and real-world gathering. 

The final number have not been set for distribution and the project leads will be trying to update the community as much as possible. As of this writing, the allocation of the collection is in this fashion.

  • “ 6,900 for allowlist winner from 9GAG and their partners.
  • 3,000 for allowlist raffle winners
  • 99 for future collaborations and marketing purposes”

Currently there isn’t a roadmap at the moment explained from the creator but added they want to do a “ over-deliver and under-promise” approach. Unfortunately, this is not very common and might turn many off with giving out money for a potential rug pull is not the best feeling most collector would want to avoid. 

Their hope is that from the initial sale, they would use the capital towards funding operations and hire new members to expand the community.