Andy Warhol Alexander The Great will be sold through Rarible

Alexander The Great created by artist Andy Warhol is ready to be sold on NFT platform Rarible.  The buyer will also receive physical screen print itself along with the NFT.

In 1982, greek art gallerist Alexander lolas asked Andy Warhol to create “Alexander the Great” for his “Search for Alexander” collection.  As part of the commission, Warhol produced a series of silkscreen prints of the ancient king.  When it comes to Warhol’s work, Alexander the Great is unique in that it is only artwork based on classical sculpture.

“I am hoping that this NFT will be part of history, and hopefully the beginning of many other significant pieces from other artists,” according to the current owner of the physical artwork Aris Sarlis. “Furthermore, because this is the first-ever Andy Warhol to be sold as an NFT. It adds a tremendous deal of significance to the item.”

The main advantage of this NFT is that if someone purchases it, the new owner will receive the NFT immediately and the physical artwork without any issues.  Also, the NFT’s history can be checked by anyone such as token type, item activity, securing its authenticity and the sale bill.

Thus, if a new owner decides to resell the NFT, potential buyers can quickly verify its authenticity.  In addition, owners can sell their physical artwork without worrying about the high fees associated with traditional auctions.