Azuki #9605 Sold for 420.7 ETH on OpenSea, around $1.4M

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The Azuki NFT is a profile picture project minted using the ERC-721 token standard in January.  The starting price was 1 ETH in the form of Dutch Auctions and dropped until 0.15 ETH.  However, the floor price for these Azuki NFT is 19.55 ETH (around $64,039.00).

Source: Azuki

Twitter account @trebooomin tweeted, “I have sold the #2 rarity Azuki for 420.7 ETH.” He also mention the new owner of Azuki #9605, twitter account @Bitcoin4Freedom.  @Bitcoin4Freedom retweeted it and tweeted, “I have required THE crown jewel of the famed Azuki collection, #9605! #2 in rarity and #1 of the Spirit Azukis. Honored!” According to RaritySniffer, Azuki #2152 shown as number one rarest with the price of 500 ETH ($1.64M) on Opensea.  

Meantime, Azuki NFT is much more than owning an NFT art collection.  Azuki provides membership access to ‘The Garden’ for Azuki NFT holders and promises to have streetwear collabs, NFT drops, live events and more. 

Today, Azuki airdropped two surprise NFTs to all Azuki NFT owners to reward their community.  Those airdropped NFTs called ‘Something Official’ NFTs and the floor price already went up to 3.91 ETH. 

 It starts with exclusive streetwear collabs, NFT drops, live events, and much more that will be revealed over time. Community ownership in Azuki allows for a new genre of media which the world has yet to explore. An Azuki is your identity in the metaverse — let’s build together.