Bored Ape and Mutant Ape NFTs will make a special appearance on limited edition boxes of M&M’s

Mars Wrigley, the parent company of M&M’s, has found a new partner in KINGSHIP, the virtual NFT band of Universal Music Group’s label. This partnership will help bring M&M’s products to a new audience. As a result, the all-new NFT band, featuring three Bored Apes and one Mutant Ape, will soon be gracing the packaging of limited edition boxes of M&M’s chocolate candies.

M&Ms in Collaboration with Kingship Releases NFT-Inspired Candy

KINGSHIP’s mythological rider inspires the branding partnership. It contains backstage items that fans might need, including M&M’s. In this partnership, 4,000 physical collectible boxes of M&M’s are available for a limited time.

Moreover, the recent collaboration is about giving people the chance to feel like they’re part of the action. What better way to do that than with a collectible box of M&M’s? As mentioned, 4,000 collectible boxes are available for a limited time, so don’t miss your chance to get one!

The Gold edition with candies is the rarest version of the KINGSHIP group’s newest project. It comes in a white and gold foil gift box. Each group member–Captain, KING, Arnell, and Hud–is individually numbered from 1 to 100 on their respective candy boxes. This gold edition is perfect for collectors and those looking for something unique and special.

Besides, holders of the KINGSHIP Key Card NFTs will get early access to some new and upcoming products. Each key card has different members of KINGSHIP with unique attributes. Not only this, but the key cards also have many other benefits including access to music, content, other products, and a token-gated community on Discord.

How will M & Ms make Kingship projects attractive?

KINGSHIP is set to travel to a mysterious island home to a massive pile of M&M’s. In addition, the brand will promote the animated video on a video billboard in Times Square.