Chibi Labs NFT Collections: How are these collectibles taking over the metaverse?

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Chibi Labs
The studio has already made an impact on the NFT space with sold-out collections

Chibi Labs is the parent studio company of three NFT collections including Chibi Genesis, Apes and their most ambitious to date project, Chibi Galaxy. These NFT series consist of 3D art that integrates with their Metaverse realm.

The collections are each backed by a strong community, which is also a reason for their sold-out sales.

Let’s discuss the collection in detail.

How Chibi Labs is making a mark on the NFT world?

The newest Chibi Galaxy is a collection of 7,000 interstellar characters with traits inspired by Chibi galaxy’s most powerful features. The earlier generations include Chibis, a collection of 200 unique 1/1s, and Chibi Apes, a generative collection of 3000 ape characters. Each generation is a part of Chibi history and will play a role in the story of the Chibis, their legends, and the collection’s future. “More than just a JPEG project,” is what Chibi Labs likes to say about themselves.

According to the leadership team, Chibi Labs is driving innovation to create long-term viability beyond art. The team’s main goal is to make collectors’ intellectual property (IP) useful in the real world and for future monetization.

Chibi Labs is one of the most popular NFT projects in the NFT and Metaverse markets for many reasons. To sum up, the brand has given more reasons and benefits for getting involved:

Intellectual property ownership.

  • Rights to commercialize and monetize the user’s Chibi.
  • Utilization and access to 3D files in multiple settings, including the Metaverse application.
  • Augmented Reality technology for viewing the user’s Chibi in images and videos of the real world.
  • Jadu Hologram cooperation for augmented reality integration with hoverboards and jetpacks.
  • The future token model and incentive system will be related to ownership, Play to Earn, upgradability, and numerous other motivations.

The Roadmap

The project’s road map for Chibi Galaxy is divided into four sections, one for each quarter of the year. The first and second quarters of 2022 were fueled by the closure of numerous brand collaborations in gaming, media, and tangible collectibles. During the third quarter, Chibi characters will be released into free-to-play and play-to-earn gaming environments. In addition, Chibi Labs will distribute actual collectibles, costumes, and other retail products using Chibis characters.Later, the team will reveal additional information regarding the last quarter of this year’s roadmap. The collections are available at the OpenSea marketplace.