Chris Brown Partner with Renowned for his first NFT project

This month, Chris Brown will be launching his first NFT project “The Auracles”.  According to Renowned founder John Dean, this NFT collection is based on a Black shape-shifting superhero who travels throughout time influencing the world. 

“We believe that Web3 has the potential to correct a lot of issues that exist in the real world. Web3 & NFT’s will allow creatives to actually profit from their creations while still owning their narrative,” Dean said in a press release. “This is an opportunity to level the playing field when it comes to collectibles, entertainment and media. With so much influence, why can’t we be in control of our narratives and create the next big superhero. Why can’t we be the next Murakami, Kaws, or bigger?”

This NFT collection was created with support from an all-Black creative tema of web developers and 3D designers and also partnership with BlackNFTArt.  BlackNFTArt is an online media company that provided 111 free NFTs to Black people who were new to the NFT space.

Chris Brown x Renowned NFT collection also can be redeemed as physical goods with select avatars and it is expected to launch on May 10.  However, the official website cannot be found at this time of writing.